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NYC Garage by SRG Partnership
Photograph © Jeremy Bittermann

NYC Garage by SRG Partnership

The NYC Garage merges safety, efficiency, and the functionality of 1,994 parking spaces for employees and visitors with the strength and spirit of competition and athleticism

The NYC Garage seamlessly combines safety, efficiency, and the provision of 1,994 parking spaces for both employees and visitors, blending these practical elements with the vigor and competitive spirit associated with athleticism.

As a dynamic facility complementing the character of the campus fabric, the garage redefines how people think about parking structures.

Themes of movement and bold ideas are expressed through the garage's massing. The 840,000-square-foot structure is split into four 60-foot parking bays, with each bay expressed separately from the next and resulting in an undulating roof and end walls. The massing breaks, highlighted with bright orange metal panels, make the structure appear to be springing forward—emphasizing athletic movement and bringing the facility to a human scale. Part of the central bay is carved out to allow daylight penetration and to create a covered outdoor courtyard for sports activities, community gatherings and special events on campus. 

The NYC Garage is artfully themed around the fast pace and "gritty urban" vibe of New York City. Each of the garage's six levels is branded with super graphics, logos and colors for New York sports teams, all championship winners: the New York Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Yankees, and Mets. Integrated as a signature space that defines and differentiates the traditional parking structure, the courtyard exudes an urban feel with asphalt paving, cobblestone elements and artist-commissioned graffiti walls, while equipment for basketball, wallball, and futsal infuses the distinct energy of New York City recreation. 

The garage's choice of materials and wayfinding techniques also contribute to themes of movement and athleticism. The cladding is simple, corrugated metal panel with a custom perforation featuring Morse code for the company's trademark slogan; the code runs diagonally across each façade in four colors in four different positions on a custom aluminum extrusion.

The metal panel siding hides cars from view, and the custom perforation and undulating geometry add movement to the façade while allowing dappled light to penetrate the interior. Linear skylights provide an abundance of additional daylighting and brighten the garage. 

  • Architects: SRG Partnership
  • Area:  840,000 sq.ft.
  • Year:  2021
  • Photographs:  Jeremy Bittermann
  • City:  Beaverton, Oregon
  • Country:  United States
  • Project Credits

    Architect: SRG Partnership
    Contractor: Hoffman Construction
    Structural Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers
    Electrical Engineer & Mechanical: PAE Consulting Engineers
    Civil Engineer: WH Pacific
    Landscape Architect: PLACE Studio
    Lighting Designer: Luma
    Graphics: Ambrosini Design

    SRG Partnership Team
    Jeff Yrazabal
    Rick Zieve
    Dennis Forsyth
    Aaron Pleskac
    Phillip Lopez
    Trevor Lavoie
    Marquesa Figueroa
    Eric Wilcox

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