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Harvard GSD announces Harvard Design Press

Harvard Graduate School of Design announced Harvard Design Press, a book-publishing imprint based at Harvard GSD and distributed in collaboration with Harvard University Press.

Harvard GSD announces Harvard Design Press

Harvard Design Press challenges, broadens, and advances the design disciplines and advocates for the value and power of design in making a more resilient, just, and beautiful world. In pursuit of new, original ideas on the research and practice of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, the Press seeks book proposals from researchers, practitioners, theorists, historians, and critics, among others. More information about submitting a proposal can be found on the Press’s webpage.

Long committed to the value of the written word for advancing the design disciplines as well as for broadening design’s impact, I am personally very excited about this new direction for the school’s book-publishing program,” says Harvard GSD’s Dean Sarah M. Whiting, who serves as a member of the Harvard Design Press Editorial Board. “I look forward to the great work that will come of it.”

Harvard Design Press plans to publish its first titles in Fall 2022, beginning with a monographic book featuring the work of architect Frida Escobedo, titled Split Subject. Split Subject unpacks an early project of the same name, one that deconstructs a fraught allegory of architectural modernism in Mexico and that has exercised enduring and formative influence throughout Escobedo’s career and practice.

Harvard Design Press is organized and edited by Harvard GSD’s Ken Stewart and Marielle Suba, and guided by an Editorial Board composed of Harvard GSD and Harvard University faculty. Alongside Dean Whiting, the Harvard Design Press Editorial Board includes Harvard GSD’s Martin Bechthold, Anita Berrizbeitia, Eve Blau, Ed Eigen, K. Michael Hays, Niall Kirkwood, Mark Lee, John May, Rahul Mehrotra, Erika Naginski, Jacob Reidel, and Sara Zewde, as well as Harvard University’s Lizabeth Cohen, Sarah Lewis, and Patricio del Real.

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