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A Day in the Life of an Architect

Answering the question of what exactly does a typical day in the life of an architect look like is nearly impossible

xA Day in the Life of an Architect

There are certain things that seem to be fairly standard to one of Bob Borson's “typical” days but if he were to compare a day last week with a day from 5 years ago, those days would look completely different. How different? That’s exactly what Life of an Architect are discussing on today’s show.

"I have a guest on today’s episode as my typical co-host Andrew Hawkins is recovering from a serious illness and a challenging workload. To help aid in his convalescence, he is taking a break from the show for a bit. To that end, I have another good friend of mine sitting in to play point and counterpoint in today’s conversation. Lane Acree, just like me, is an Associate Principal and Senior Project Designer at BOKA Powell. We also both started at the same time (even though Lane worked at BOKA Powell years ago before he moved back to Shreveport, Louisiana to be closer to family) so we have both gone through a similar indoctrination experience over the last year. This experience has led us to connect with one another to discuss and share thoughts about all different sorts of things and so when I needed someone to help out on the podcast, he seemed like an obvious and natural choice. It also doesn’t hurt that we also have similar personalities and are amused by the same things – the only difference I’ve noticed is that Lane seems to preternaturally love Adam Sandler movies whereas they don’t really hold my attention..." - More here

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