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Dancing About Architecture: Koki Nakano — Train-Train

Suspended in an abandoned skyscraper in Paris, a dancer explores the chaotic relationship between music and movement

Train-Train is an exciting release from Koki Nakano, the Paris-based musician who frequently explores the relationship between music and movement in his work.

For this music video, he collaborated with director Benjamin Seroussi and choreographer Damien Jalet, who—upon listening to the track—was inspired by the 1970 Akira Kurosawa film Dodes'ka-den about a Tokyo slum-dweller with special needs who dreams of becoming a train trolley driver in a post-apocalyptic town made of rust and scrap metal.

In the video, the camera and dancer move in haphazard synchronicity with Nakano’s berserk piano keys, but retain “accidents, mistakes and crashes”—as the director describes—that give the film its chaotic energy.

Damien’s choreography was the backbone of this video,” says Seroussi. “I think his work is truly powerful, modern, disturbing and gorgeous.”

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